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AKCA & PNKCA give clubs awards for members who have contributed to the hobby of koi keeping.  Here are NIKK members who have received those awards:
AKCA Koi Person of the Year
2007 - Phyllis Anderson
2008 - Dan Olson
2009 - Greg Linnebach
2010 - Diana Lynn Rehn
2011 - Sharon Olson
2012 - Linda Seifert
2013 - Kyle McNaught-Davis
PNKCA Ed Fujimoto Award
2007 - Phyllis Anderson
2008 - Gene Anderson
2009 - Judy Linnebach
2010 - Bruce Todd
2011 - Dan Olson
2012 - John Seifert
2013 - Dave Geisler & Deborah Kohut