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Congrats NIKK members - our club is now officially a new ZNA Japan Friendship Club as of May 2013.  Look for more in 2014! 



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November 2013 - NIKK members gather at Anderson's Redneck Koi Barn to enjoy Sharon's pictures of the latest Japan koi harvest.  Greg attended via Skype!!  Thanks Dan for taking the picture!

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Kyle, Judy & Sharon attended the All Japan Koi Show and the ZNA Judging Class in Tokyo !! 


Some of our members have traveled to Japan for the Matsunosuke mud pond pull - click on the picture above to see more pictures and links to videos posted!!!


In October most of our members gathered at the Andersons Redneck Koi Barn for a picture presentation by Dave Geisler and Deborah Kohut on their trip to the AKCA/KHA Seminar - and to enjoy an end of summer cookout of brats and chili.

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A new organization for serious koi keepers and those who want to become serious koi keepers.   This group participates in workshops and field trips to improve their knowledge of the ornamental carp and help educate others in the appreciation of koi, known to us as "living jewels".  NIKK is a member of AKCA and PNKCA and ZNA.

Click here to go to Koi TV website - some of our NIKK members are included in videos of koi shows, etc.


Zen Nippon



Koi Classification and Koi Judging by Doug Dahl

April workshop - koi cosmetics, Fiscbach's babies and Matt - doesn't get much better than that!!


NIKK hosted the 2008 PNKCA Convention in Post Falls, Idaho.  Click on the logo above to see pictures and read about some of the events!!

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